Bill, Retired

We have done Pilates all over the world. Bianca is spectacular. Whether you choose a private session or the group classes you are in for one of the very best Pilates experiences of your life. Her location is amazing and the outdoor group sessions must be amongst the best in the world. Antibes is a lucky little town to have someone as good as Bianca offering Pilates at reasonable prices.

Nikki, Chief Stewardess

I have attended a number of Bianca’s early morning outdoor Pilates sessions in Antibes. Bianca is knowledgeable, passionate and a truly talented instructor. I would recommend her for Pilates students at every level- from basic beginners to the fittest of the fit. Her versatility caters to everyone. I can’t wait to get back to Antibes.

Sarah, Crew Agent

Having gone from a HIIT/runner and being very fit, to 8 months of back injury hell, I was very nervous about trying any kind of sport. However, Bianca has made me feel completely confident of my recovery and I am a convert! I had always thought of Pilates as being a ‘soft’ option but it is really hard work! I feel like conquering my injury is a given – which considering I was facing surgery only two months ago is a pretty big leap of faith.

Emmeline, Angels on Board

Bianca is a dedicated and skilled Pilates teacher with an lovely, sunshiney personality. Her instruction is clear and her adjustments are precise, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Highly recommended!

Esther, Yacht Consultant

This is more than just a class you go to once or twice a week. Bianca is an inspirational and truly exceptional trainer who goes the extra mile to consider what your particular needs are and how she can build a stronger, fitter you from the core outwards. I can’t recommend her classes highly enough!

Suzi, Marketing

Bianca is awesome! Each session I can see progress. My new found strength is improving my performance in other sports too. I couldn’t recommend CREW Pilates any higher!

Carryn, Yoga Instructor

Bianca is extremely knowledgeable on the body and enthusiastic to assist students of all levels. She is attentive to details in alignment and facilitates a great overall workout. She also adds that something extra – a caring and supportive touch. Just loved her sessions.

Daniel, Rock Climber

As a rock climber, I have typical forward rolling shoulders and a fair amount of imbalance in my body. Bianca helped me to identify these issues and tailored sessions to correct them. This has given me a greater understanding of my body’s mechanics and will help me to avoid injuries in the future.