Jacqui, Accounts

After a couple of years at CREW Pilates, I still look forward to each session which shows how much time and motivation the instructors put into their teaching. Thank you.

Christophe, Design

Extremely friendly and professional experience. Our private instructor Bianca is amazing, she perfectly knows and evaluates your mental and physical state when you arrive at the studio and knows how to work with you accordingly. A calm, serene and kind atmosphere provides you an amazing well-being. Bravo !!!

Renate, Yacht Interiors

Pilates has brought me back on my feet again after 10 years of back problems and back surgery. I have never felt so good now that I am doing private Pilates sessions with CREW Pilates.

Suzanne, Mom

The best Pilates instruction I have ever experienced. Motivating instructors who are more than willing to tailor each session to you and your needs. With a knowledge of physiology and a respect for injury that makes you feel you are in very safe hands.

Rebecca, Crew Agent

Bianca is passionate about what she does and I love that she is always learning new things about Pilates and the body. This knowledge and expertise really sets the studio apart from any other. I highly recommend CREW Pilates to everybody.

Martha, Property Consultant

Definitely the best Pilates studio in the area with two fantastic instructors, Bianca and Fernanda. A wealth of knowledge, very professional and friendly and both know exactly how to work with individuals with a wide range of physical needs and restrictions. Highly recommended.

Annabelle, Naturopath

Pilates classes twice a week have enabled me to get stronger physically, and reshape my body. It also had a huge impact on feeling more grounded, focused and balanced emotionally. Bianca’s class goes beyond any Pilates class! Her beautiful energy and genuine attentive professional way of teaching is tailored to everyone’s needs. Her classes are exceptional!

Benedetta, Lecturer

Bianca’s classes have improved both my strength and flexibility incredibly, and I have started noticing changes after only a few weeks of training with her. I have done Pilates before, and I have several years of advanced yoga practice as well, but her training is really the most complete. Whether you are working out individually or as a  group, Bianca is constantly focused on your alignment and posture, so you get ad-hoc adjustments and feedback. On top of this, her classes are fun and challenging. Once you have experienced her high-quality teaching it will be very hard to be satisfied elsewhere!

Andrea, Chef

When I run.. I think..and run.
When I bike.. I think and bike.
When I workout… I just think… and try to lift more !!
When I’m at CREW Pilates … I engage, learn, notice and accept all sorts of different things about my mind and body… all of which I enjoy and put into practice for the remainder of the day.

Lorraine, Fleet Manager

I discovered CREW Pilates in 2015 and have been addicted to it ever since. Whilst I’m sure I’m one of Bianca’s most hopeless students, she never lets on and is encouraging and fun with a personal touch afforded by the size of the classes. I always come out feeling strong and empowered and Bianca is without doubt the main thing that make these classes so fun.