Ursula, Switzerland

You give so much more than just a Pilates lesson. You inspire and encourage and you deal out a boost of happiness with your positive, energetic charisma. Now I know of course that such praise should not be told aloud for it might get to one’s head but those are special times and so the truth must be told.

Katie, UK

Absolutely love being able to practice with you again – you were definitely the person who made me fall in love with Pilates on my visit to Antibes and I’ve struggled to find as good a teacher in these years since…so I’m very happy!

Sarah, Monaco

I tried a couple of Pilates apps with the recorded sessions but I get lazy and cheat. Plus none of the instructors are even half as good at explaining as you are!

Rhian, UK

You really are an exceptional teacher. Having not been in one of your classes for a long time and done quite a few online Pilates classes recently, I had forgotten how well you guide people through the exercises, it’s a skill not all Pilates instructors have I can assure you!

Kim, Finance

I look forward to every session- and the way my mind and body improves with regular sessions! I absolutely love the friendly, positive and encouraging atmosphere at this studio. Thank you!

Zelda, Charter Manager

I absolutely love CREW Pilates! It has made a tremendous difference and I am constantly thinking of the correct way to sit, walk, stand and breathe in my everyday life!

Brea, Interiors

I’ve done Pilates in most places I’ve lived around the world; CREW Pilates is by far my favorite studio and group of instructors.

Gabi, Yacht Provisions

Since starting with Bianca at CREW Pilates my body has changed immensely. I have become a lot more aware of my body and muscles and feel more connected to my body. This awareness has helped me avoid injuries when doing other sports such as crossfit training. Pilates has also really strengthened my abdominal muscles and I no longer experience any lower back pain. It has also proven to be a fantastic remedy for stress.

Mike, Entrepreneur

I have suffered from lower back pain on and off for over two years and after seeing physios and training hard in a gym I managed to get some temporary relief and a lot stronger but the pain didn’t ever go away. After about two weeks of training with Bianca and Fernanda at CREW Pilates, I started to experience completely pain free days. After a couple of weeks the pain was gone. I am now able to replicate the movements and exercises that worked for me and I know how to nip it in the bud in the event that I’m nowhere near Antibes. I’ve been to other Pilates studios since and I haven’t found better quality than at CREW Pilates and most importantly, my back is now pain free. Thank you.

Elanor, Physiotherapist

Each session I have done has been tailored to my needs and has helped me develop my core stability. Both Bianca and Fernanda are extremely knowledgable and friendly in their approach and instruction. It’s just a shame they do not have a set-up somewhere in the UK so I could attend more often.