Pilates for Crew

Yacht crew can spend hours hunched over or working long days on their feet. The yachting lifestyle is often not conducive to back care, with heavy lifting/loading of the spine and poor posture. Pilates is proven to ease lower back pain by establishing core strength and stretching out tight and tired muscles.

With Pilates for Yacht Crew, you will:

  • Enjoy a challenging workout that can be achieved with limited time or space
  • Establish a healthy and active crew culture on board
  • Learn how to apply correct posture while at work
  • Meet like-minded crew

CREW Pilates is passionate about:

  • On board training for CREW who are anchored out or in port (yachts of 45-120m)
  • Outdoor and studio training for CREW who want to keep fit
  • Online support and training programs during crossings or mid-season


Pilates and Posture: Working with Super Yacht Crew