Pilates for Pregnancy

Pilates is a safe and effective workout that is recommended both during pregnancy and after child birth. As a woman moves through her pregnancy, the exercises focus on establishing a strong pelvic floor connection, lateral breathing, correct posture and arm/leg/upper back strengthening.

CREW Pilates is the only qualified BASI Pilates through Pregnancy trainer in the south of France.

With Pilates for Pregnancy, you will:

  • Learn exercises that are safe and effective
  • Learn which movements to avoid during and after pregnancy
  • Learn controlled breathing and relaxation techniques

CREW Pilates is passionate about:

  • Supporting pregnant women to stay fit and active throughout their pregnancy and beyond
  • Giving mom time in her week to spend on her
  • Inviting women to embrace pregnancy and motherhood and the changes to her body
  • Supporting yacht crew who fall pregnant while working on board