Life & Leadership Coaching

Madineyah Isaacs is a New York City-based, Certified Life and Self-Leadership Coach. She helps conscious people who feel stuck and overwhelmed to reshape their lives with more purpose, confidence and personal freedom.

She draws on her 11 years of coaching experience and continued study to bring a customized approach to her work. Her training is in both practical and energy techniques to ensure fast and lasting client results. Amongst her qualifications, she is a certified NLP practitioner and EFT/Tapping Practitioner.

Madineyah has coached people from over 75 Nationalities including Royal Princesses in Abu Dhabi, students on the campus of Yale University and international retreat attendees in the English countryside.

She too is no stranger to personal life transformation. Prior to her career and country move, she was a radio presenter at one of the premier radio stations in Cape Town, South Africa – her native country.

Her global perspective and relaxed approach puts client at ease to open up and really step into a life of their choosing.