Hygiene Measures

Our studio has always taken hygiene seriously. We’ve had many compliments from clients over the years who see the effort we make to keep our studio clean. Most of our teachers have experience working in the high-end hospitality industry so you can be assured it is cleaned to the highest standards.

Clients who experience any coronavirus symptoms (dry cough, fever, loss of taste/smell) or clients who have been in contact anyone who has tested positive with coronavirus must cancel their sessions. Private sessions can easily be moved online. There will be no charge for Coronavirus-related cancellations.

Masks are not mandatory for clients while doing Pilates. Kindly wear a mask upon arrival/departure and in our change room. Our instructors will teach with a mask on at all times and ensure barrier gestures where possible.

Feel like you can relax in our space. Your Pilates practice isn’t a laboratory or a place to be fearful. Let go, enjoy your session and breathe.

Studio sessions

  • From 19 March 2021, all clients attending sessions in our studio are required to fill in the studio Covid Responsibility Form. The form needs to be completed only once per client. Kindly update us on any changes to health or travel status.
  • From January 2021, our teachers do a rapid Covid diagnostic test once a week (Bianca on Mondays and Fernanda on Tuesdays). Our teachers are not vaccinated.
  • Private/duo clients: Private sessions are available. Duo sessions are only available to anyone living in the same household.
  • Group clients: Group mat sessions are online until further notice
  • Masks are not mandatory for clients while doing Pilates. Kindly wear a mask upon arrival/departure and in our change room and bathroom.
  • The client agrees to have their temperature checked at the start of their session
  • Clients who have been traveling in the last two weeks are asked to let the instructor know
  • We ask all clients to run strictly to time. Currently, there is a five-minute break between studio sessions. For clients who do not wish to cross-over with other clients in the studio, kindly ask your instructor to start and finish with five minutes on each side of your appointment time (ie. the session will be 45-minutes instead of 55-minutes). Kindly note, you will still be charged for the full price.
  • Please come dressed for your session (preferably no changing at the studio). Strictly no showering.
  • Please wash your hands on arrival and before you leave. There is also an alcohol hand dispenser at the door.
  • Bring along your own towel and water bottle
  • Please respect barrier gestures with the instructor and other clients. The instructor will confirm if it is okay in the event they need to break the barrier gestures to make tactile adjustments or change springs.
  • Our studio has 6-glorious big windows. They’re kept open depending on the noise/cold. Unfortunately, the air-conditioner or fan cannot be running during sessions.
  • Please leave the instructor to clean the equipment and disinfect the studio at the end of your session. All door handles and surfaces are regularly wiped with alcohol.

Outdoor sessions

  • Masks are not mandatory for clients
  • These are group sessions so kindly ensure barrier gestures with other clients
  • A minimum of 2m needs to be left between mats/clients
  • For hygiene reasons, equipment is not included. Please bring your own mat.
  • Bring a hand sanitiser as there are no places to wash your hands outdoors.