Studio Policy

How do the sessions work?

All sessions start strictly on time and run for a total 55-minutes. Sessions are instructed in English. All mats and equipment are happily provided by the studio. Whether you’re booked in for a private or group mat session, expect a full mind and body challenge. No session is ever the same. At the end of each session, clients are kindly asked to spray off and wipe down their own equipment.

What do I need to know about the outdoor sessions? 

Regular outdoor sessions resume again in summer 2018. If you get a group of 4 or more together, outdoor sessions can be organised on request. For outdoor sessions, we meet at the outdoor training venue in Port Vauban. All mats, small equipment and cleaning stuff are provided by the studio. In the spring/autumn months, it can still be quite chilly in the mornings/evenings so bring a jersey. For summer, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses if you prefer.

What must I wear to my Pilates session?

Wear comfy gym clothing, preferably no zips or buttons as these can damage the mats/apparatus. Take off your shoes at the door. For hygiene reasons, socks are compulsory in the studio. Ladies, please tie up your hair and remove any dangly jewellery. Bring along a water bottle and sweat towel.

How do I book and pay?

CREW Pilates uses MINDBODY software for all scheduling, booking and cancellations. Click on ‘Schedule & Bookings’ to find out more. Payment is due at the start of your first session. Four-card purchases last 60-days from date of purchase. Kindly note that four-cards will not be extended and sessions cannot be transferred or refunded. We happily accept cash, check or electronic transfer. Invoices are granted on request. An updated price list is available here.

What if I need to cancel a session?

We understand life gets busy but we also ask that you respect our time. Sessions must be cancelled within 12-hours in order to avoid a late cancellation charge. Cancellations can be made on the MINDBODY software or by email.

What if the session is cancelled? 

Similarly, we try to give our clients 12-hours notice if sessions need to be cancelled or re-arranged. Group mat sessions require a minimum of 2 clients on the mats.

I am a new client to the studio. What do I need to know? 

Welcome! Please arrive five-minutes before the start of your first session to fill in a new client training form. For more details, take a look at the studio disclaimer here. Directions to the studio are available here.

Mat or machines?

This is a case of preference, budget and what you set out to achieve. Both mat and apparatus training are effective and follow the guiding principles of Pilates.

In our mat sessions, CREW Pilates offers a balanced mix of strengthening and stretching exercises, regularly making use of smaller equipment like therabands, magic circles, leg weights and foam rollers. The studio accepts no more than six (6) clients on the mats at a time to ensure training is of a high quality. Unless specified otherwise, clients who attend the group mat sessions need to be injury free and of an intermediate level in Pilates. It is highly recommended clients attend at least two (2) private sessions before moving into the group mat sessions.

Private training on the machines is more tailored to client goals and ability. Private clients of the studio include: specialist athletes (trail runners, cyclists, triathletes, skiers), pre- and post-pregnancy, those returning from injury and older populations. These sessions include work with the Pilates apparatus including the reformer, wunda chair, springboard and ladder barrel.

How do duo sessions work? 

CREW Pilates happily offers duo sessions to couples, friends and clients of similar experience. As we only have one of each piece of apparatus, we request that duo partners do their first session on the mats to familiarise themselves with the teacher’s style of training and for the teacher to assess where each one is at. Duo sessions on the apparatus require some level of experience and clients have to change their own springs.

What if I have an injury?

For clients who have come to Pilates through injury or otherwise, private sessions are highly recommended. In addition to this, injured or pre- and 6-months post-natal clients, require a letter from their medical practitioner before starting at the studio. Please note: Pilates practitioners are not qualified to diagnose or prescribe exercises for injury. CREW Pilates is always happy to recommend and work alongside great physiotherapists, osteopaths and specialist doctors in the area.

What about the Mum & Baby sessions?

CREW Pilates and Barbara Dance Fitness are happy to offer Mum & Baby sessions from 9 November 2017 for new mothers and their babies aged 6-weeks to 10-months-old. These sessions are an opportunity to meet other mothers in Antibes and gently return to exercise after pregnancy. We exercise for 40-55 minutes with our babies and enjoy tea and coffee afterwards. Bring along your usual baby bag for nappy changes and feeds. If you’re comfortable wearing your little one in a sling, bring that too. There is a buggy-friendly lift in the building and buggies can be parked safely in The Studio while you exercise. Please note: mothers who are less than 12-weeks postnatal are required to provide a doctor’s note. You will not be permitted to exercise at The Studio without it.

What facilities are on offer at The Studio? 

The Studio offers an inviting 75 metre square space to play. It is equipped with a reformer, step barrel, combo chair, springboard, ladder barrel and spinning bike. All mats are high quality 1.5cm thick Sissel mats. Other studio facilities include a change room, bathroom and kitchen stocked with a variety of teas, coffees and water.

What is the philosophy at the CREW Pilates Studio?

Our philosophy is to promote quality, functional movement that can be applied to your everyday life. The Studio is also proud to support all areas of the yachting industry including crew, shore-based professionals and yacht/villa guests. There is always a positive, can-do atmosphere in the studio. Negative people, nonsense and rude behaviour are simply not tolerated.

For any other questions, email