Connect Online

Our movement might be restricted for the days and weeks ahead. But Pilates must go on. Our goal is to ensure you keep up your regular practice to the same high standards provided in our studio environment. We’ve moved into the exciting space of live online group and private sessions. To join:

  1. Kindly make sure you book in via the MINDBODY app: View Schedule & Book
  2. Group sessions: Join us on Zoom 5-10 minutes before the start of your session. Download Zoom here. Private clients: We are on Zoom, Skype (search for and add contact: bianca.ljungberg) and FaceTime (0033 7 86 79 45 64)

Pilates is an empowering way to maintain your overall physical and emotional health, strengthen your immunity, reduce stress and enhance daily life. Take this time to deepen your consciousness and reconnect with yourself.

You will need the following:
– A private and quiet room or outdoor area with enough space to lay out a mat
– A thick Pilates mat or other gym/yoga mat
– An internet connection to stream video

Download our guidelines on how to get the best out of your online session.

Please come back to this page for regular studio updates:

  • 25 March: Free group mat sessions are underway every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 08:00-08:55. Private sessions are 40% off (€40/session) on Tuesday and Thursday 09:00-13:00.
  • 21 March: Our studio has decided to offer some group Pilates sessions for free at this time. We feel a strong urge to give back to our community and keep people moving. More information coming soon.
  • 17 March: The Studio will remain closed until Wednesday 15 April 2020
  • 17 March: Please fill in our online questionnaire so we can find out how best to keep up your regular Pilates practice at this time: