About Us

Our aim is to share practices that embrace awareness, encourage full living and provide the very best in holistic health. Our practitioners support clients in their journeys through pain, stress, fatigue and illness.

The Studio Cote d’Azur is the vision of Bianca Ljungberg — a contemporary Pilates teacher and lifelong student of the mind-body approach to well being. The Studio offers exclusive health and wellbeing services including individual Pilates, yoga, massage and bodywork, nutrition and life coaching.

Bianca grew the business from humble beginnings, starting out in 2014 from her garage in Cape Town, South Africa. That same year, she went on to teach yacht guests and crew in Monaco and throughout the Mediterranean; naming her business ‘CREW Pilates’.

In 2015, Bianca opened her first studio in old town Antibes, with a refurbished, secondhand reformer and a sponsored ladder barrel. Her signature outdoor sessions are still a feature of the business, celebrating the stunning natural scenery of the French Riviera.

Bianca quickly established a reputation for her professionalism, passion and deeper approach to Pilates and the human body. She has worked with a variety of populations and had overwhelmingly positive outcomes with her clients, both physically and emotionally.

After two years of searching for the right location, Bianca and her husband Arvid came across ‘The Studio’ — an inviting and warm space previously home to a French, Buddhist doctor who lived there for 34-years. They converted the apartment into a wellbeing studio and opened in July 2017.

Bianca continues to recognise the importance of working holistically, looking at the same problem from different lenses; and understanding that what works for one client might not work for another. Our fellow practitioners are carefully selected for their skills, compassion and ability to ‘think out the box’ when it comes to illness and health.

Today, The Studio welcomes clients from all over the world including the UK, America, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia and the UAE. We love what we do and we simply can’t wait to share it with you too.