8 Mat Stretches for Runners

If you’re a keen runner, I’d highly recommend this stretching routine which can be achieved in 10-minutes. For me, there’s no hard and fast rule on what works when it comes to stretching. Play around! Change your back/pelvis positioning, breathe in the stretch, stay still, wiggle… get a feel for what works in your own body.

1. Seated hamstring/adductor stretch. Hold for 30-40 seconds. Change sides.


2. Supine hamstring stretch using the magic circle. Hold for 30-40 seconds. Change sides. Can use a towel if no magic circle is available. Variation: ‘Twist’ the ankle and turn the big toe towards you for a stretch of the outer leg (tibialis anterior)


3. Rest position with oblique/fascia stretch. Walk the hand of the stretching side away from you to deepen the stretch. Five deep breaths on each side.


4. Kneeling quadricep stretch. Hold for 30-40 seconds keeping the pelvis in posterior. Change sides.


5. Quadricep stretch (variation). Hold for 30-40 seconds. Change sides. Only do this stretch if you have good balance.


6. Foot stretch. Put the weight of your sit bones into the feet. Avoid if you have any previous foot/ankle injuries.


7. Calf/hamstring stretch. ‘Walk on the spot’ making sure to ground the heel of stretching leg. Aim for a flattened back.


8. Lower back stretch. Standing roll down.