The Studio

We are more than your average wellness studio. At The Studio, we are also passionate about providing a high level of service to our clients with a team who know their stuff. Our fully equipped studio is open-plan, offering loads of natural light. We’re located in the heart of Antibes, a short walk from Port Vauban and all major tourist areas. Our schedule is designed to suit your lifestyle with early morning, late evening and weekend availability. After your session, enjoy a selection of teas, coffee or cold water.


The contemporary Pilates method is comprised of more than 600 unique exercises that are suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. The mat repertoire can be enhanced with magic circles, therabands, foam rollers and other small pieces of equipment while the apparatus repertoire is achieved on machines including the reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, ladder barrel and a few others. With Pilates, you will build functional fitness, condition your body and keep your mind aware.

Wellness Services

At The Studio, we believe in the power of movement. Our exclusive offering includes tailored Pilates teaching, a variety of yoga styles and philosophies, body work and massage therapy, and nutrition. Our team work holistically to provide our clients with the very best in the world of wellness. We are highly qualified, professionally insured and English-speaking. We work independently to share our passion for well being and we’re here to give you just what your body and mind need.

Yachts & Villas

CREW Pilates is not only for crew. Over the summer months, we regularly train international guests on board yachts, at exclusive hotels and at private villas around Cap D’Antibes and Cannes. Owner and lead instructor Bianca comes from a background as yacht crew so she is intuitively familiar with the hospitality industry and knows how to deliver a high-end training experience. Training is always provided in the strictest confidence and can be achieved with limited space and equipment. Please get in touch to request a quote.